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Everything Cordyline FAQs

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Can you cut a Cordyline and grow it without roots? 24542
How close to the house should I plant Cordyline australis? 15842
Snow damage on my cordyline 13228
How do I get my Cordyline australis to bush out? 21364
New shoots turning brown 15136
Help, how do I use the forum? 12498
Are Cordylines and Dracaenas the same? 20083
How far should Cordyline australis be planted away from foundations? 33031
Why is the new growth twisted and crinkled? 13479
What Cordyline is featured on the Home page? 12395
What's the best plant food to use on Cordylines to help them grow? 19790
Will flowering compromise colour? 9246
Transplanting Cordyline australis... 21022
What do I do if my Cordyline is starting to bend over? 13897
Do Cordylines loose their leaves? 12089
How do I propagate young shoots off my Cordyline australis? 25270
What is Cordyline australis? 19419
What are the names of the Australian native cordylines? 13387
What's the right name? Cordyline fruticosa or Cordyline terminalis. 9020
Which Cordylines grow best in full sun? 21138
Do Cordylines grow in full sun? 16648
What causes the leaf tips to turn brown? 13632
Can Cordylines be used as an indoor plant? 12820
When is the best time to propagate my Cordylines? 11491
How often should I fertilize my Cordylines in the garden? 9887
What is AKA? 7632
How do I use the Photo Gallery 7460
What is "Best viewed at 1280x1024" 6493
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