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How do I use the Photo Gallery Print

The Photo Gallery can be accessed either by the vertical menu above the Cordyline Webpage banner or via the Main Menu located on the left hand side.

  After clicking on Photo Gallery you can see various galleries that are available.  At the time of writing there are 5 galleries arranging cordylines in alpabetical groups.  Simply click on the group you wish to view.  On doing this a page displaying 15 thumbnails of cordylines appear......down the bottom of this page you will also see numbers listing the amount of pages left in this gallery......approx 70-90 images exist in each can either browse via page number or hit the next button to progress through each page of the gallery.

  After clicking on a cordyline thumbnail you will briefly see a loading symbol while the page turns a transparent white, then followed by the image.  If you hover the mouse over the image either to the right (next) or left (previous) you can progress back and forth through the current gallery thumbnail page (this is called slideshow)......please note only a total of 15 cordylines can be viewed this see others go to the next page in the gallery and repeat the above process.

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