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What is "Best viewed at 1280x1024" Print

  The website has been optimized for 1280x1024 which is commonly referred to as screen resolution.....Most newer computers in the last 3-5 years are quite capable of running at this resolution however is best seen on monitors or Flat Panels 17" and above. 

  Most Flat Panels run at this or higher in their own native resolution (native is what the monitor reproduces its best image at, clear and crisp image)....HOW DO I CHECK what resolution I am running at??....This is quite simple (Windows XP directions follow)....right click on the desktop (eg the blue screen with icons on it) and choose properties...then click on the settings tab (far right) and halfway down there will be a slider bar telling you what your screen resolution is.  It may already be set to 1280x1024 if not it maybe 1024x768 or even worse 800x600......the setting is up to you but to have the best experience possible set it to 1280x1024 provided your monitor is 17" and may even have a higher resolution then this which is fine.

  I cant go to 1280x1024 as its not an option!....basically means your video card is not capable of doing this resolution and generally means your computer is old Smile...time to get a new one, or more cost effective buy a new Video Card.


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