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What do I do if my Cordyline is starting to bend over? Print

Q.   I planted a Cordyline last year and it has grown 5 foot, it looks lovely but the problem is that it has now started to tilt and grow at an angle.  Do you know why this is and do you have any ideas what I can do to stop it growing like this?

A.   Your Cordyline is growing vigorously so that rules out root problems but if the plant is loose in the ground or the tilt starts at ground level, check that the soil is not too wet.  Wet soil can cause root rot.

The problem with your plant sounds like it's growing to the light, your options are:

1.  Remove or prune back other nearby plants that may be competing for the same light.  If the plant is close to a building this option would not be possible.

2.  Cut the top off about 2 foot from the ground and make the Cordyline bush out.  This won't stop the plant growing towards the light but it will reduce the effect.

3.  Dig the plant out before it grows too large to transplant and position it in a better spot with better light.


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