Help, how do I use the forum?

Registered Users Only: 

Please log in with your user name and password on the home page.  Click on the 'Forum' button in the 'Main Menu'.  You'll have 'Welcome (your name)' at the top.  Below that you will have 'My Profile', if you click on that you can create your own profile (information about yourself). 

Guests and Registered Users:

Part way down the page you will see 'Cordyline Discussions', the headings listed under there are the forums.  Choose one that you would like to visit by clicking on one of them.  For example if you clicked on 'Everything Cordyline fruticosa' you will go to another page where you'll see 'Threads in Forum : Everything Cordyline fruticosa'.  Listed under there is all the 'Threads' (topics or questions that people have created).  You can click on the 'Threads and read the 'Posts' in them where you'll also have the opportunity to send a reply (your own post).  To do this click on the 'Reply' button found at the bottom of the thread.  Write in the message box and and press 'Sumbit' located at the bottom of the page.  Your reply will now be added onto the Thread, you can check back later to see more replies.

To get back to the main forum page click on the 'Forum' button in the the 'Main Menu' or the 'Forum' button next to 'ICS Forum' located at the top of the page. 

To create your own 'Thread' (Topic or Question), choose which Forum you want it located in by clicking on it.  For example click on 'Everything Cordyline fruticosa' again.  Under the Threads there's a green button saying 'NEW THREAD', click on that and you will be taken to a new page.  Enter a Title in the 'Subject Bar' and write your message in the 'Message Box'.  If you would like to include a photo or file to your message you are able to do so by pressing the 'Browse' button.  It will open the files on your PC to select a photo/file.  Double click on the photo/file you wish to use and it will be automatically added on.  Once you've finished, click the 'Submit' button and you're all done.  Don't forget to check back and see the replies/posts in your thread.